To cope with competition, all companies and business owners all around the world are looking for creative and innovative ways of marketing. One of the most effective and almost no-cost techniques is social media marketing. Today we’ll talk about Facebook particularly.

With more than 400 million members on Facebook, you will probably find your customers there. Facebook has become a part of daily routine for millions of people. They use it to keep up with current news, events, family, colleagues and friends. You can find some things on Facebook before it hits the media waves. You can even download the tool that updates you on Facebook, just for you to feel on top of what is going on around you. Though many people used to think that Facebook is for young people only, a recent statistics has shown that the average age of Facebook user is 38.

Many companies today already use Facebook for promoting their business. Nowadays, Internet Marketing is not just having a website; it requires interaction with customers. There are, actually, two options for developing your business on Facebook: Fan Pages and Group Pages. You can use both of them to answer customer questions and by asking them what goods and services they prefer and why.

In other words Facebook is a good platform for holding polls and get customer feedback. It is a good way to show your clients that care about their need, that their opinion is important to you. Answering customers’ questions about your products and services, you also educate your clients and gain their confidence.

Facebook allows using many other tools for promoting your company. You can use a lot of applications available at this social network to sell products directly from your Facebook Fan Page, or for holding different kinds of competitions. You can also put main links to your company’s website, so that to make people even more involved in your business.

One thing you should remember is that people accustomed to use Facebook as a way to entertain themselves, so don’t be too serious on your Fan Page. Try to entertain people and only from time to time sell them something. If you do everything right, you will benefit greatly from your Fan Page on Facebook.

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