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Nowadays the number of merchants who run their business online is great and it is constantly growing. The popularity of running business online can be explained in the following way: online business has a great number of advantages over brick-and-mortar shops and service centres and at first, merchants have an opportunity to provide customers with various electronic payment methods, which is great, as nowadays customers pay over the Internet using their credit/debit cards, charge cards, ewallets, bank transfers, phone and mobile payments and any other alternative payment methods.

Merchants who run their business online and who want to accept payments online need to set up an internet merchant account with the help of which they will be able to provide their customers with a wide range of electronic payment methods. It is necessary to find a good online payment processing company that provides a full range of online payment processing services and solutions. E-commerce payment solution should correspond with the type of your online business and your personal needs, so it is necessary to have a consultation at your online billing company: they will help you to choose the necessary online merchant account and get the appropriate e-commerce payment solution.
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Surveys may seem to be a small, but important part of any managerial function. The findings of a business survey can be applied while strategic planning, motivation of the team to work harder for meeting customers’ needs and even during monitoring and control stage of corporate business processes. But why are surveys so crucial?

Business surveys bear many functions. First of all, they are informative. They provide customers’ information about your brand, your specification and what’s more important, it shows your concern about customer satisfaction. The second important thing is that your target audience can be educable. Through the questions of your survey you can open your customers’ eyes for something they didn’t notice before. In these questions you offer the overview of your products and services, so that even potential customers will be attracted.

Business survey as market research

Customer satisfaction should be viewed as one of the core business essentials. The feedback that your company receives from its trade area audience serves for adjusting the work of your business team. By providing a survey, either by e-mail, by post or with the help of other means, you show that you are interested in the well-being of your clients.

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Corporate finance services is one of the complicated goals for every economist. As a rule, corporate finance service embraces a wide range of objectives, which include investment policy, development of financial and marketing strategies, strict cost keeping and accounting profits. Corporate finance service involves financial transactions control, accomplishment of different payments ways and execution of company’s commitments control.

In corporate finance service you may use long-term and short term decisions. Thus, decisions about choosing investment area, amount of dividends to be paid out to shareholders are long-term decision. Main aim of long-term decision is maximization of company assets due to investing in profitable projects. Taking such definitions as current assets and current liabilities, finances use short-term decisions. It is based on short-term borrowing and lending cash assets.

Nowadays, there are many software programs which help to regulate and control flows of corporate funds. Due to central server, according to programs of corporate finance services, information will be processed in real time. In a number of cases, companies appoint external auditors to make right financial decisions. These specialists accomplish comprehensive analysis and give recommendations about adoption of new technologies and management of external corporate finance. Despite on costs, consolidated corporate finance service allows to reach high financial results of the company.

One of the most important elements of corporate finance services is financial planning. Firstly, it is determination of corporate perspectives and organizational structure. Secondly, company may define expected corporate results. Thirdly, financial planning helps to choose tools (resources) and strategies to reach these desired results.
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